AggMapR Inc. was incorporated in 1998 by Douglas G. Vanderveer, BSc (1972), a Registered Professional Geoscientist (PGeo) since 2000. - a division of AggMapR Inc. was registered in 2000.

Doug's background in provincial mineral resource planning had identified a lack of analysis of aggregate resource potential and availability during the development of municipal plans in Ontario. During the development of Municipal Official Plans there is often recognition for the need to clearly identify and protect known and potential mineral aggregate resource areas. Protection of these areas is required to ensure adequate resource are available to meet the current and future construction requirements of the province. These resources, mined from pits and quarries, provide the essential ingredients in the manufacture of cement, concrete and hot-mix asphalt products. Sand, gravel and crushed stone are the back bone that forms the foundation of all construction activity including: homes, condos, offices, schools, factories, highways, streets, roadways, driveways, etc.

Our initial business model focussed on the construction industry and the availability of construction grade mineral aggregates typically used in construction and identifying the location of undeveloped limestone and dolostone bedrock suitable for the production of cement and high quality concrete. The demand for new granular (sand, gravel & clay) resources is increasing to to meet the constant growth in construction demands.

Ontario Provincial Planning Policies combined are intended to guide municipal planning and protect a variety of natural resource. However the continued spread of urban and rural residential development, combined with failures to adequately protect and plan for future aggregate resource needs, often results in a loss of access to those rural land areas that contain mineral aggregates. Meanwhile, mineral aggregates continue to be consumed at record levels while access to new resource areas is becoming more constrained due to the expansion of communities, cities and rural residential development and other land uses expand.

In summary - provincial policy development and land use planning at various levels of government are creating additional constraints and restrictions that limit access to new resource areas.

AggMapR Inc. / has developed analytical mapping techniques to conduct in house constraint modelling and analyses of current land uses to identify aggregate resource areas currently free of prohibitive constraints. These are areas where aggregate resource protection and management is warranted.

Our analyses includes the compilation of electronic and hardcopy (printed) map data and its conversion into compatible digital formats. This data is used to conduct constraint modelling exercises. Analysis results can be presented in tabular and map formats to identify aggregate resources areas that are potentially available for aggregate development. These are areas that should be protected for future aggregate production.

Digitizing Services Include:

  • Acquisition of aggregate resource information
  • Digital compilation of current land uses and municipal Official Plan designations
  • Analysis of existing or potential constraints to future aggregate resource development
  • Identification of undeveloped land areas - whether it is for aggregates or other mineral deposits.