AggMapR Inc. / is a licensed provider of federal and provincial mapping information that includes topography, lakes, rivers, streams, natural features (forests and woodlands, water bodies, wetlands etc.), buildings, wells, dams, railways, transmission lines, roads & highways, trails etc.

National Topographic System (NTS) Maps at various scales:

  • 1:50,000; 1:100,000; 1:250,000; 1:500,000
  • NTS maps are available in print or PDF format
  • Please specify map NTS sheet number and map scale, or select the desired map from our reference index map

Ontario Base Maps (OBM), scales 1:5,000 and and 1:10,000

  • OBM's are prepared upon request using:
    1. Standard index map boundaries
    2. Custom (user requested) boundaries
    3. Standard 1:5,000 or 1:10,000 scales
    4. Custom map scales upon request
  • Maps available in print or PDF format

AggMapR Inc. / can prepare custom maps made to order including standard map information and other datasets including:

  • Niagara Escarpment Plan boundaries and internal designations:
    • Natural Areas
    • Protection Areas
    • Rural Areas
  • Oakridges Moraine Planning Area
  • Greenbelt Planning Area
  • Mineral Aggregate Resources (sand & gravel, bedrock, etc.)
  • Licensed Pits and Quarries
  • Geology

Maps may be produced using standard map scales or customized per customer request.