GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a system of hardware, software and procedures designed to support the capture, management, manipulation, analyzing, modeling and display of spatially referenced data for solving complex planning and management problems. (

“Governments and industries around the world are increasingly required to streamline business practices while adhering to complex political and regulatory requirements. To do so, they must digest an immense amount of information to perform their duties in a fair and reliable manner. Almost all of this information is in some way tied to a geographic element such as an address, parcel, postal code, census block, or some other component.

GIS technology provides a flexible set of tools to perform the diverse array of functions and more important, GIS technology makes data sharing among user groups easier so that your business can work as a single enterprise.” ( GIS components

  1. 1. Software and Hardware
  2. 2. Map Feature Attribute Data
  3. 3. Digitized Map Layers