Land use and aggregates development must proceed within the bounds of provincial policy and provincial and municipal plans. AggMapR can assist you with advice on policies affecting your industry. Our extensive experience, working both outside and inside the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, can benefit you. Please feel free to review our qualifications, and contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

AggMapR provides in-depth knowledge of the Aggregate Resources Act to our clients, including its many Policies, Procedures, and Bulletins. In addition, we have a wealth of expertise regarding the Aggregate License and Permit System, which we can leverage to benefit your group. Our knowledge is thorough and up-to-date, including the Provincial Policy Statements and Legislation.

Any planned development in the aggregates industry must pass numerous barriers in order to be approved. One of the major types of constraints on aggregates development are existing land use constraints. At AggMapR, we have information detailing the major land use constraints in Ontario, including wetlands, woodlands, and Niagara Escarpment Plan designations. Using our extensive experience in the aggregates industry, we can help your aggregates development projects move to completion quickly and smoothly.

For an example of our ability to help you plan your next aggregates project, view the sample land use constraint map from the municipality of Flamborough below.

This is a "first cut" map to focus further analyses that would include Municipal Official Plans, lot fragmentation and other potential constraints in selected target areas.

The sheer volume of policy, legislation and guidelines concerning aggregates development can make any proposed development a real hassle. At AggMapR Inc., our expertise in land use constraint analysis, combined with our ability to convert policy information into a map format, can help your projects move swiftly to completion.

Above is a sample land use constraint map from the municipality of Flamborough. We can create similar maps for any area in Ontario, and help you interpret those maps for your projects.