AggMapR Inc. and its sister Division, offers several services to meet your mapping needs.

AggMapR Inc. can create a map for you that will illustrate your information clearly and concisely. We have a warehouse of landuse and natural features data to draw upon and can incorporate custom data on maps as well.

AggMapR Inc. can provide you with GIS solutions that will benefit your business, whether it’s setting you up for an in house GIS system, or providing you with GIS services on an ongoing basis.

AggMapR Inc. can manage your statistical and spatial data for business development and marketing applications. We can also incorporate your data into a GIS system, allowing you to use the data to its fullest potential.

AggMapR Inc. can assist you with advice on legislation and landuse policies affecting land development.

AggMapR Inc. can use GIS to determine potential landuse constraints on land you may be interested in. This can help you in choosing a site for development or in doing analysis on a particular site.

AggMapR Inc. can help with the many aspects of Aggregate Development. From the site selection process, to licensing, compliance and rehabilitation, we have you covered.

AggMapR Inc. can assist in both internal and external marketing. We can produce maps for use in presentations or promotional materials such as business cards, brochures or websites.

AggMapR Inc.can provide a plethora of GIS related technical services such as file conversions, plotting, digitizing, data entry, and preparation of visual materials.